Dear Clients and Local Customers:

When a hurricane or tropical storm is forecast for the OBX and Northeastern NC, time is of essence to prepare.  If you have a dumpster on your job site or at your home, please call Site Services Pick Up Man well in advance of the storm (we recommend 2 to 3 days in advance) to ensure your dumpster is picked up.  We appreciate your consideration.  NOTE:  Site Services Pick Up Man is not responsible for any damages caused by hurricane or tropical storms.


Dumpsters & Materials On Jobsite


Secure construction materials and equipment.  Hurricanes will damage construction materials left outside causing the debris to become airborne, which can injure people, break windows and damage property. Please secure your construction materials now.


Make sure your roll off dumpsters are TARPED and all construction material/debris is secured so nothing becomes wind-borne. Unsecured materials can be extremely dangerous resulting in significant property damage.


Link to National Weather Service: