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Question:  How long is the Container Rental for?

Answer:  Our pricing is based on 3-weeks/per container for homeowners and 1 month/per container for contractors.  Extra charges may be applicable.

Question:  How is your container pricing calculated?

Answer:  Our pricing is based on 3 factors: 1st being the cost of the container which is for the delivery, rental, and pick up once the job is complete.  2nd is the cost of dumping the debris placed into the container at that job, or the dump fee.  3rd depending on the cost of diesel fuel, there may be a diesel fuel surcharge which is based on the container size and job location.

Question:  What is the Dump Fee?

Answer:  The dump fee is calculated based on the weight of the debris put into the container by the customer.  When we take the container to be dumped the debris weight is calculated.  The fee is based on a per ton calculation.  This dump fee is then added to cost of the container.  NOTHING is added or subtracted to the dump fee!

Question:  What is a Hand Pick Up?

Answer:  Site Service Pick Up Man provides its customers with a Hand Pick Up service depending on the extent of the project.  A Hand Pick Up is when we come to the project and place the debris into the containers for the customer.  Before the debris is picked up from the job site, an estimate is given and agreed on by both the SSPUM employee and the customer.

Question:  Do you provide Recycling Reports?

Answer:  We can provide the customer a recycling report using only one of our 2 dump sites.  The recycle report for a specific project must be requested at the time when the container is ordered from our dispatcher.  That way we can prepare to have your specific container taken to the correct recycling center for proper documentation.

Question:  Payment Methods?

Answer:  We prefer to invoice our customers using an American Express, Visa, Master Card, or Discover credit card with zero fees to our customers! 

When a new customer calls requesting a container for their job, we take their credit card information at that time.  We do take a deposit for new customers prior to the delivery of the container.  This deposit amount depends on the size and location you request the container to be delivered.  After the job is complete and the dump fee is determined, we will square up on the final payment.  We can then either send a paid invoice via mail or email.

Question:  Can I Dump Concrete?

Answer:  No; Site Services Pick Up Man DOES NOT dump concrete.