We provide containers for the sizes shown below and offer rentals. Once you are finished with the container call us and we will haul it away. Standard customers incur a daily rental fee while contractors have two weeks to utilize the container before incurring inactivity charges. Containers that have not been serviced for 30 days tend to be neglected.  If you have a container that has not been emptied for more than 30 days we intend to schedule a pick up.

Please allow 72-hours for our delivery and typically 24-hours for pick up service.


There will be a minimum disposal charge and additional fees for prohibitive materials. Please see our FAQs for more information and call us for pricing at (252) 255-1020.


NOTE:  Once you call us for the dumpster to be picked up, dumped and returned back to you --  a new rental period begins, including the cost of a new dumpster and new dump fees.

  • 10 Yard Container Dimensions: 8x10x4


  • 15 Yard Container Dimensions: 8x12x4


  • 17 Yard Container Dimensions: 8x13x4.5


  • 20 Yard Container Dimensions: 8x14x5


  • 25 Yard Container Dimensions: 8x16x6

  • 30 Yard Container Dimensions:  8x22x6

*Dimensions: Width x Length x Height (In Feet)